Karp's living room decors

The semitransparent polycarbonate panels on performer Jenny Karp’s shed roofing let in lots of natural light. Since electrifying a she shed isn’t an option for all (read more about this issue in the

book), this is a great way to take just as much advantage of the sun as possible.

Karp’s drop serves as a studio for her to shoot tutorial videos and create her mixed-media artwork. Since with many of the other sheds, the parts she needed came to her. When she put out the word that she needed windows and doors to meet

the girl budget, one friend offered her some 50-year-old home windows that she had sitting around her barn, another gave her the France doors, and Karp was able to use wooden from the demolished pergola in her yard as wood.
Who lives here: Andy and Penelope Morgan and their young daughter
Dimension: 13. 4 square feet (1. 2 square meters)
Location: New York City


Before the couple created this craft nook for Penelope, she used the dining area table for her projects — but that meant constantly needing to clean them up. Now this niche is the girl dedicated space for making or designing things. “I love

to make my own patterns. I crochet, knit, embroider and sew, ” Penelope says. “I can do everything there and everything is at achieve.
This picture shows the craft nook and a view to the finish of the hallway. The particular dark blue wall at the end is nearby to the desk specialized niche; you can just see the chairs peeking out.

“When my daughter was created in 2015, I was thinking about starting a handmade business, ” Penelope says, so she and her husband designed the craft nook and he built it out. “It got been wasted space before, ” Penelope says. Now she uses

it to sew and crochet babies toys and bonnets, as well as do the occasional clothes alterations for friends and family.


Penelope and Andy Morgan bought their home in East Harlem once they married, and they were decided on maximize every " so that it could work for their growing family. That meant using two niche categories in their long hall as efficient

work facilities — including one as a dedicated craft corner for Penelope.

Andy installed the recessed lighting seen in this image and set the lights on dimmers. The task light clamped onto the shelf (also from Ikea) can be moved as needed.

Penelope uses the shelves to hold more supplies; the boxes contain parts for baby rattles as well as her crochet tow hooks. The file boxes keep Living room decors and crochet magazines, as well as the girl patterns, including those the girl designs for toys and

crib sheets, plus vintage patterns she uses.

“One item I really enjoy making are 1950s baby bonnets, ” she says. She has purchased vintage styles on eBay and worked to restore them, building up them with contact paper.