In a preppy and modern Nantucket home brimming with reclaimed and reused materials, the driftwood mantel in the family room stands out. The property owners found this reclaimed item of black walnut from the river log in the particular Mississippi River. The wooden was cleaned with compressed air and a smooth brush to remove any cobwebs or mud.

While the particular construction requires some ability, finding a piece associated with wood that would match in this area has been just as much associated with a challenge. "Finding the particular right size and design of the wood was a little difficult, " affirms Chris Komenda of Woodmeister Master Builders. "But for all of us, that's part of the fun of reusing something unique and reclaimed. "

Our other favorite component about this room within this National Green Constructing Standard Gold-certified home: The beautiful fireplace surround created from pieces of petrified wooden. Woodmeister Master Builders obtained this unique piece through Cumar Marble and Granite within Everett, Mass.
Then three or more custom 3/8” metal discs were welded to the 3/4” steel dowel. The particular plates were screwed into the wall stud and covered with Venetian plaster, leaving the dowels sticking out. Three matching openings were drilled into the particular driftwood, and a silicon insert was used in order to attach the driftwood in order to the dowels. Because of this, the particular mantel appears to nearly float off of the particular wall.

Simple concrete And Living Room Decor looks uncharacteristic, but in the designer's pen, it can have such a personality! A two-storey attic house is troubled by the fact that it can only use half the area. Designers use a lot of concrete and white colors to make it comfortable, comfortable, and full of life.

The first floor is the living room and kitchen area, with a clear line of simple black and white colors, creating a refreshing and simple atmosphere, green planting, candlesticks, pillows,Living Room Decor these decorations make the space rich and interesting. The designer uses a lot of concrete and white colors to make it comfortable. It's full of life. Is it very special to use concrete as a dining table? The walls are not too much decoration, but with the blackboard paint to create a primitive, rustic atmosphere. The long shaped lockers can solve the storage problem well and hide the household debris in the invisible.

The two-storey space pattern is not correct and the space is narrow. The designer makes full use of the space and puts the bed in bed and the writing desk one by one. The indispensable concrete element is still the bright spot of the design. The indispensable concrete element is still the bright spot of the design. Black color bathroom slow personality, Mosaic small square brick to make the space full of tension. Use a simple black and white tone with clear boundaries to create a refreshing and simple atmosphere. The concrete steps lead to the attic area on the second floor. Designers try to use simple and original materials to make the entire space more harmonious and natural.